Rapid Action Turn Team

Who we are:

Magnate Construction’s Rapid Action Team is a market leading turn service designed to alleviate the traditional challenges of turning apartment units.  We work directly with apartment communities to fundamentally change the way they prepare and approach the process of returning units to the market for rent.

We are a single source vendor who combines all requisite services (item removal, painting, punch services, carpet cleaning, counter and tub resurfacing, and many more) with exceptional customer service. With one call and a familiar contact point, let us help ease the consistent process of getting your units back on line.

What are we changing?

After working in the apartment business for 15+ years, we understand the immense nature of handling the constant demand of turning units.  The traditional approach of combining on site staff members with small third-party vendors simply no longer works.

  • Relying on Third Parties: Most communities find themselves dependent on unreliable, smaller third-party vendors and subcontractors. These groups struggle with staffing, punctuality, and providing a consistent product due to their need to sub out a large majority of the work.  These groups also have little to no ability to handle quality issues and mistakes.  They move on to the next job and if you can get them back, never prioritize your needs.
  • Internal Turns: Your maintenance staff should remain just that.  You hire them to handle the day to day operations of the property and the demands of your tenants.  However, for most communities, these men and women are also tasked with returning the units to a rent ready status when the residents move out.  This model consistently results in over worked, staff, a multitude of unfinished projects, and a manager who is forced to choose between returning the units to the market and performing work orders.

How we are changing the business…

  • We are a single source for the entire process.  No need to coordinate your vendors, schedule your in-house staff, or run bid process to make sure you are getting what you need.  We do it all for you.  Simply call our office and talk with one of our experienced dispatchers and we will handle it from there.  Our team directors will come out and walk through your project with you, provide a detailed timeline and budget and then handle the execution.  Your only job will be to do a quick walk through once we are completely done with unit.
  • Quit over staffing your property. The payroll burden on an apartment community is the largest controllable expense.  Between the shrinking pool of quality apartment maintenance techs and the skyrocketing annual salaries, that expense line will continue to increase.  Let us help! We will handle to the turn services and you hire just enough staff to perform your daily work.
  • Consistency: As an end-to-end service provider we can provide you a dependable execution that will meet your move-in schedules.  Simply provide us a move-out and move-in date and we will have the unit ready for you.

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